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Wedding Planning Guide

Your wedding is coming up faster than you think and both of you have to make important decisions quickly to make sure that this day is not only the most important in your lives but the most beautiful and memorable as well. No pressure there, but you can’t afford to let it go wrong.
With a cool head on your shoulders and a little bit of advice, we are sure you can make it through this wedding planning period and have a great wedding day.

The first step is to choose  a wedding date. Depending on your style, convenience for both you and your bride, family invited, travel plans and vacations, choose a date that will fit. The weather and the month you choose to get married will set the tone and venue of your wedding. A lot of weddings happen in the spring through the summer with a few in the fall. Holiday weekends are popular if you have many out of town guests and family attending, though venues get booked well in advance and costs tend to be higher. But at the end of it all, it’s up to both of you even if you wanted to have a winter wedding during the Christmas holidays. And again, why not?

Both of you, bride and groom to be have to decide how much time you have to prepare for the wedding. Many weddings are planned several months in advance while others have pulled off a great wedding in a matter of weeks. Our advice is to start early. It’s never too early to start to plan. It takes the pressure off you during the last few weeks if you plan early. It also gets you the best times at venues and possibly the best deals if you book early. Many vendors are willing to give you discounts if you show your serious commitment well in advance.

Once you have decided a date, the next step is the venue. Basically, nowadays you can get married anywhere as long as you plan ahead.  This is something that both the bride and groom have to both go together and see if it works for both of you. Choosing a wedding venue is very important because this is what you will remember for the rest of your lives and your wedding pictures will remind you over and over again of either the great time you had or if not planned right, the wedding nightmare!  If you plan to have a church wedding, then you typically have to follow the church rules with regards to the décor, time and number of guests. If you plan an outdoor wedding, like the park or beach then permits may be needed. And don’t forget the weather is always an unknown.

There are full service wedding sites and halls that take care of every little detail for your wedding and sometimes this might be the way to go if you feel there is too much to do. This way you don’t have to worry too much of the little things like the flatware, whether the chairs are dressed or not or how many table linens to buy. However, it may come at a price.

Destination weddings are very popular too though planning it may become a bit strenuous. We would suggest using a local wedding planner at your destination to help you out with your wedding plans and arrangements. Many of the hotels in exotic destinations offer wedding planning services as well. Contact the hotel concierge and they will be able to direct you. Again, planning ahead is always helpful.

Be true to yourselves when you budget for a wedding. Everyone wants a dream wedding with no expense spared. But if you have to spend the next several years paying off for your wedding, it will turn into a nightmare.  Weddings can run into tens of thousands of dollars if you are not careful and costs can add up very fast. But, a wedding doesn’t have to be expensive to be tasteful. Look through magazines, browse the internet for ideas that you like and then shop around for a good deal. But at the same time, don’t always go for the cheapest vendor. If the price is too good to be true, it’s probably not. Ask vendors for recommendations and always ask for a detailed quote in writing.

Restrict your guest list to what you can afford and stick true to it. There will always be another bridesmaid or groomsman you will like to include, but hard decisions are better made earlier than later. Remember your wedding day is the first day of your lives together and “spend” it wisely and you will enjoy “spending” a lot more together.