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Your best man will be honored to receive a personalized gift from you, the groom as a token of gratitude and respect. It is a great way to solidify this special relationship that you share with each other during and after the wedding ceremony. The bestman takes care of various small and large aspects of the wedding in addition to making sure the bachelor party is a success! Check out our selection of gifts for your bestman and groomsmen and find an item that will best suit their taste. Go a step further and personalize or engrave these gifts for that personal touch.
Swisschamp Swiss Army Knife

Swisschamp Swiss Army Knife

A true professional's pocket tool for all tasks that need to be done. This swiss army knife is the epitome of Victorinox pocket knives! 91 mm, 3 1/2inch blade.Tools included are

-large blade
-small blade
-can opener
-bottle opener
-small screw driver also for Phillips screws
-wire stripper
-magnifying glass
-large screwdriver
-key ring
-sewing eye
-Wood saw
-Pressurized ball point pen -also DIP switch setter
-straight pin
-Patented mini screwdriver
-Wire cutter with Wire crimper
-fish scaler with -Hook Disgorger
-Nail file-nail cleaner-metal file-metal saw
-Fine screwdriver
-Multipurpose Hook (parcel carrier)

Ships personalized in 2-3 business days!

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