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Cheap Wedding Favors

The bride and groom give wedding favors to guests as a symbol of their appreciation. Giving away wedding favors is a common practice nowadays. This tradition started among European aristocrats. The newly married couple gave away a bonbonniere. This is a small box made up of porcelain. It is usually adorned with precious stones. The box contains sugar cubes. Centuries ago, only the wealthy and those of royal blood gave these away during their wedding ceremony since sugar was expensive.

Wedding ceremonies are costly no matter how much the couple tries to reduce the expenses. Expenses will always be made and it is smarter to create a budget. Money is allocated and divided for the gowns, dresses, tux, reception, transportation, flowers, invitations etc. It is foolish to devote a huge chunk of the budget for wedding favors. Its better to decide to give away cheap wedding favors so that more guests can receive wedding favors or with the extra budget it can be devoted more budget for more important stuff like video footage.

While it is true that video records of the ceremony immortalizes the ceremony, wedding favors also last for years to come. These cheap wedding favors would be sitting in guest's houses as a reminder of the wedding. It can also serve as evidence that the married couple is a scrooge. One might even ask, won't it be embarrassing to give guests cheap wedding favors that one would eventually decide not to give anything at all?

The answer is, give wedding favors! Cheapness is case to case. What might be cheap for one couple could be very expensive for another. Therefore, there are two factors that must be taken into consideration, cheap and quality. It will not be embarrassing to give away cheap wedding favors if these are of good quality and wedding favors that are unique. Wedding favors have evolved to reflect the newly married couple's personality. It can come in the form of candles, key chains, ceramics, and magnets. Companies have given great care to make different wedding favors and mask the 'cheapness' of these items. What makes a good wedding favor is not the price tag but the thought given to it by the couple.

Unlike the past, wedding favors do not have to be expensive nor do you need to be rich to give one away! It is perfectly alright to give away cheap wedding favors. Guests will appreciate cheap wedding favors given to them and these guests will never have to know that wedding favors given by the couple are cheap.

Contrary to popular belief, some cheap wedding favors look as if it were expensive. In these times, one does need not have the same purchasing power of the richest European aristocrats to give wedding favors. Give guests a wedding favor that they will remember and appreciate. It does not even have to be a bonbonniere that is studded with precious jewels and made of the finest porcelain! It can be a cheap wedding favor!