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Best Man Speeches

Weddings are one of the most memorable lifetime experiences, for the bride and groom and even for guests. The best man plays a role in making weddings meaningful and memorable. One of the best man's responsibilities is giving the best man speech. Sometimes with the help of the couple, the best man decides what he wants to put in his speech.

It sounds easy but it isn't necessarily so. There are some people who enjoy giving speeches spontaneously and are quite good at it. Unfortunately, spontaneous speaking is a talent that not much people have. For those who don't know if they are good in spontaneous speaking, testing that skill during the celebration dinner isn't recommended. It might give everyone a memorable wedding, but not the kind of memory that people want to remember by, a total disaster. Don't wing it!

Free Best Man Speeches

The internet is filled with sites offering free best man speeches and free wedding toast suggestions. Example best man speeches serve as a good guideline if followed appropriately. Remember not to follow the sample best man speech too closely as you are aiming to strike a personal and intimate chord with the wedding guests. Often the best man will deliver the speech and the wedding toast from sister of the groom, so finding a best man short speech may be called for. The free best man speech may not always fit the bill and give you what you are looking for, so beware.

The wedding ceremony is already written on the calendar, there is ample time to write down the speech before the big event! The best man speeches can be a trip down memory lane, expressions of hope for the future, and assessment of the current situation. It can be serious or funny, it can contain advice or warnings to the couple. It can contain stories of how the couple met, the relationship between the groom and the best man and joke. Best man speeches can contain whatever the best man chooses to be appropriate. Best man speeches do not need to follow a pre-made formal outline. However, to make a speech, these things should be placed in mind: the speech must be sincere, heartfelt and not too lengthy or else people's attention will begin to stray. The best man's speech is for the couple and not for the best man to have all the attention to himself.

After overcoming the writer's block, realization would come to the forefront. Writing best man speeches is totally different from delivering that speech. While making best man speeches can be done alone and can be postponed, delivery of the speech will be done in front of dozens of people, waiting and listening. That thought alone can trigger, fear of public speaking surfaces, fear of mumbling or stuttering, fear that the audience might not totally relate to the speech or just that the audience fails to laugh at an incredibly funny joke. Don't ever think that alcohol helps in delivering the speech, remember that it’s the special day for the couple and the best man is only a vehicle for the heartfelt message to the couple.

Although it is highly likely that the whole ceremony will be recorded on video, those fears are just minor things. The audience will easily forget minor mistakes as soon as they see the best man's sincerity and when they hear the content of the speech. Good and well written best man speeches gives one a good confidence boost, coupled with practice, the probability of making a mistake while delivering the speech will highly diminish. The best man’s speech is just an element that makes weddings memorable. While the couple prepare themselves for the ceremony, the best man should be preparing his speech.