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Best Man Speech

At one point in the wedding reception, the best man is supposed to deliver his best man speech. This is one of the highlights of the wedding reception and something that guests will likely remember. The bestman speech can be a lot of pressure. It’s not bad as it sounds, since the day is all about the bride and groom.

A best man speech is expected to be funny, witty, and insightful all at the same time. It shouldn't embarrass or insult anybody in the audience. Neither should it be too long that the guests begin to doze off. The quality of the speech that is important. It should be suitable for all ages.

The guest will know that the best man is starting with his speech when he thanks the groom and the father for their bride for their speeches and thanks the guests for attending. A toast is raised to the parents of the newly married couple. The best man thanks the couple’s parents in behalf of the newly married couple. The bestman introduces himself to the guests and he tells the guests the reason that he knows the groom.

After proper introductions and formalities, everyone can enjoy a little laugh now and then. To liven up the bestman speech should try injecting jokes into the speech. Jokes would help the guests and the bestman feel at ease and it would also set the tone for the speech. Ideally, these should be one liner jokes but these jokes should be carefully selected or else it might be misunderstood and be treated as an insult.

Essentially, the best man speech includes funny moments between the groom and the best man. This shows the guests what a great bond the two have. It will even be better if the funny experience includes the bride. These funny moments are the experiences that most of the audience does not know. It is not something shocking or embarrassing. Using free best man speeches should help provide some sort of guideline.

Funny best man speeches is not all about fun and jokes without losing the risk of looking like the bestman was trying to do stand-up comedy. Attention should also be given to the bride and groom. The bestman can tell about how the couple met. The bestman shares with the audience the strengths of the groom, the groom’s hopes and dreams. The bestman gives his attention to the bride and usually comments on the beauty or character of the bride and congratulates the groom for such a rare find. The bestman can then elaborate on the impact that the bride made on the groom's life.

The ending of the best man's speech contains a few words of wisdom and wishes for the couple. Another toast is raised and that marks the end of the best man's speech. The celebration goes on. A bestman can dispense with all these in his speech. It can be made really short and simple like a one liner sentence. It will show that the best man did not exert much effort in writing his best man speech, it is hardly worthy for the newly married couple.