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Whether you have been chosen as a groomsman or are selecting the groomsmen for your wedding party (honor attendants for females), it is important to understand the responsibilities that come along with this privileged role.  Tradition has dictated that only men comprise the groomsmen party; however, current day trends are seeing more women on the groom’s side of the aisle.  Known as honor attendants, women are just as capable of filling the shoes of a groomsman as their male counterparts.  The modern day groom will choose those he feels are worthy of this honor rather than being a slave to convention.  As men are shaking up wedding traditions all over the world, brides are equally as guilty by continually selecting males as the ‘maid of honor’ and ‘bridesmaids.’

Best Man ResponsibilitiesShow Your Appreciation
Male or female, groomsman or honor attendant, those chosen to participate in your momentous day will be needed throughout the entire planning process for a variety of functions.  This is your chance to show your gratitude by presenting these special attendants with great groomsmen gifts.  By incorporating a memory of the day’s events into the honor attendant or groomsmen gift, you will extend the special celebration from a temporary moment to a permanent remembrance.  Personalizing the gift will remind your groomsman or honor attendant of the important role they played on your wedding day. Engraved pins or tie tacks are a perfect groomsmen gift that can be worn for years.  A photo of the wedding party in a classic frame is an ideal groomsman gift that won’t shrink or go out of style.

Groomsmen Wedding GiftGroomsmen Gift Giving
Don’t settle for a weak presentation when it comes to distributing groomsmen gifts.  A generous luncheon at a backyard BBQ or sports bar gives you the chance to present groomsmen gifts in style.  Personally thanking your groomsmen for their time, support, and help while handing them their gift will make them feel all the more appreciated.  Then you won’t feel guilty when you need them to stay late and fold wedding programs!  

Grooms, Choose Wisely
Grooms will often choose a friend as a groomsman or best man because it is expected.  After all, when one has a friendship for so long, the next logical step when getting married is to give that historic buddy the right of first refusal for the role of his choice.   
Don’t lose sight of the responsibilities that come along with a groomsman or best man.  Too many grooms regret selecting an irresponsible chum only to learn the hard way on his wedding day.  Just because your pal is good at partying doesn’t mean he or she will be qualified to help pull off your wedding plans. 

Thinking Out of the Box
For those selecting honor attendants or participants of a non-traditional gender, adjust your color scheme and outfits accordingly.  Coordinate her gown with those of the bridesmaids’ while keeping the same theme consistent throughout.   Use accessories that are tasteful yet representative of the season in which the wedding will take place.  Don’t get hung up on exactly matching your honor attendant with the bridesmaids; using similarly-styled dresses with offsetting sashes will send the right message.  Make her feel special and not like one of the guys. 

Whatever you do, let be your guide to a smashingly successful wedding replete with style, savvy, and sophistication!